Research & Development

Research and innovation are core capabilities at Rain Concept

RAIN CONCEPT promotes and encourages scientific research and innovation on its products and services. We research for improvements on our current products and new solutions to design our new services. We also create value through research in areas of scientific forefront. Currently, the research group AETIC ("Advances in information technology and computing") promotes advancement in systems architecture, enterprise architecture and quantum computing, among others.

Scientific collaborations

Our researchers collaborate with leading international  and national
institutions. These institutions are:

  • Ecole des Mines de Nantes, INRIA, LINA (France)
  • Los Andes University (Bogota)
  • ICESI University (Cali)

Enterprise Architecture & Distributed Systems

We study how enterprises integrate information systems and in particular how they use distributed middleware for the integration process. Based on these studies we propose and design tools that improve the way architects design and build distributed systems.

Main researcher: Daniel Benavides, Ph.D.

Logic, quantum computing and quantum gravity

This work originated from the search of alternative mathematical methods to tackle some of the main open problems in general relativity. The inadequacy of classical relativistic formalism to give a satisfactory formulation of some of these problems revealed not just the limitations of this formalism, but also the limitations of the conception of reality derived from these tools. This brought us to the Everett interpretation of quantum mechanics and to the deeper development of these ideas by David Deutsch through quantum computation;  particularly,  the conception of quantum geometry derived from this perspective. Based on this approach we have found a mathematical framework where Deutsch-Everett ideas seem to find a natural formulation and that provides the tools to find a natural extension of classical relativistic formalism. This frame work opens the possibility to settle a definite interpretation of quantum theory revealing also interesting new pathways to affront the quantum gravity program.

Main researcher: J. Benavides, Ph.D.